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British Nationality & Citizenship Living in the United Kingdom and being British citizen is different both in rights, privileges and responsibilities. If you are settled in UK with permanent rights to live in UK, you can apply for naturalisation or registration as a British citizen. There are different forms of nationality: British Citizenship British Overseas Citizenship British Overseas

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Asylum & Humanitarian Protection in UK Asylum is an international protection to a person who suffer persecution in his/her own country on the basis of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership of particular social group. These reasons are also known as conventional reasons.  United Kingdom has a great tradition to offer protection to people

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Appeals against UK Visa and Immigration Immigration Bill 2014 has drastically reduced the right to appeal against Immigration Decision. Only the following Immigration decisions give rise to statutory right of appeal. (a) the Secretary of State has decided to refuse a protection claim, (b) the Secretary of State has decided to refuse a human rights claim, or

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